Costumes by Carolyn.
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NOTE:  There is an interview with Carolyn at her booth in Ohio that is now on youtube, Google - "youtube - Costumes By Carolyn" to view.  Also Carolyn has written two country songs - Google -"youtube - Carolyn Mysliwiec" to hear her sing her two songs.  Check out the 3 new costumes.
  Costume by Carolyn, Arabian                     2005 Friesian Nat'l          Friesian Medieval Costume by
​  Egyptian Event Champion    NFS                Champion  NFS                 Carolyn          NFS

Al, Carolyn and Joe Mysliwiec
9049 East Greenvale Road
Stockton, Illinois 61085

Phone (815) 947-3761

Yes, I can arrange lay-away sales with monthly payments.  I can also send you a bill from my PayPal if you also have a PayPal account.  Please note, there are no returns.  I do accept my costume back in trade on another costume, if you change your mind, but please contact me first.  If you have a used costume and want to trade in on a new, contact me also.
Authentic saddle & blanket set imported & traded for a costume of mine.  I added my navy tassles,  navy blue caftan,  white hat & pants. Top photos show saddle that fits under horse blanket.   Price $2,500 (Will consider offers)      

The below off-white costume is a Medieval Friesian-sized Arabian costume blanket & breast collar with camel-tassels and headband for your bridle.  Rider caftan & Arabian styled hat & pants included (folded on top of blanket in photo.  Price $2,350
 (Rider costume is adjustable  - one size fits most)                                          

Friesian size Medieval Navy Blue & Gold
costume with gold metallic tassels & fringe on blanket, breast collar.  Price - $2,150 Hood shown, smaller browband also   included.  (saddle & bridle not included.)  SOLD (Similar costume in the works.) 

Above Arabian costume.
Red & black, gold trim & Sequin appliques, red & black camel tassels.
Price $1750.

Navy blue Arabian costume with gold trim &  sequine applique on blanket back. Caftan fabric drapes well & contains blue metallic flecks.   Camel tassels are banded in gold.  Price $1,650 - Used costume 
Costume below won 2010 US National TopTen,
was worn at one show  and is in mint condition.
Black nylon upholstery velvet costume with            Red nylon upholstery velvet costume with
gold metallic trim & black rayon tassels                  gold trim & red yarn camel tassels, & a red and a black leather bridle with gold trim.                           hand braided bridle.    Price $1,850  
Price $1,950 (also available with black          
yarn camel tassels for $1,850)  

Brown velvet Arabian 
costume with gold trim and
sequin fabric inserts on caftan and 
blanket back. Brown camel tassels & brown leather bridle.      Price $1,850

This is a photo of our herd of Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. We use to raise foals, but when the market slowed, we stopped breeding and now just enjoy watching our beautiful herd  running  in a lush green pasture. Thanks to my costume sales I have been able to provide the winter feed for them.  I appreciate your business and so do my horses.
                                                         (Insert above shows costume colors without flash.)
 Black & turquois costume with         Cream white costume with gold trim, bridle, hat & pants
gold trim, bridle, hat and pants.         Costume  complete - Price $1,950 NEW - SOLD
Price, $1,550 - ​                                  

Green upholstery velvet Arabian Native              Black, grey and silver Arabian Native
Costume with multi green                                    Costume with black and grey camel tassels
camel tassels & gold trim.                                    and black hand braided bridle with silver
$1,750                                                                    $1,750 PENDING SALE
(for Friesian & Draft size)

LEFT:  The black & burgundy Medieval Friesian costume is the 2012 Friesian Nat'l & World Champion  in Oct.,2012 & is a "Costume by Carolyn".

RIGHT:  The 2 Arabian Costumes in black & gold and navy & gold were sold to Disneyworld, Fl., for use in a Magic Kingdom parade.


This is a black & metallic silver, fake armor, Medieval horse costume, Friesian sized, (saddle not included),  for sale. Fake armor hood, breast collar & extended blanket sell for $2,050. All 3 pieces are lined and reinforce
Purple, dark purple & silver costume, hat,                  Purple, dark purple & gold costume, hat,
pants & bridle.  Price $1,750                                       pants & bridle.  Price $1,950   NEW        
​         PENDING SALE   
Cream colored costume with gold trim,                Shades of pink costume with silver & gold trim, hat,
bridle, hat & pants. Price $1,850                           pants & bridle included.  Price $1,550
NOTE:  My Arabian  costumes can be used with most English saddles, which are placed under the blanket and the stirrup leathers re-attached through the slits in the blankets near the top.  If you want to use a Western saddle, I can make cinch slits in the blanket for the Western saddle to fit on top of the blanket.  I have other options for saddles,  if these do not suit you.  The hat & pants included in the costume are adjustable and will fit most adults sm to xl, and the caftan drapes well on most people also. I recommend the use of a hunt style boot with the costume, pant leg tucked in.  A hand braided single bridle is included, but a leather bridle can be an option if desired.   Call me with any questions. Carolyn (815) 947-3761.